Saturday, April 5, 2014

A change in plans... See me at the Auburn Bike Festival this Sunday!!

The only thing constant in life are: time and change.  It seems the life of a mountain biker, or any life for that matter, is constantly in flux, and uncertainty is often around the corner.  This can make life spontaneous and exciting, stressful and disheartening, or both.  On Wednesday I got the sad message from Kat Sweet that she did not get enough registrations for her Sweetline's coaching clinics in Santa Cruz this weekend, to warrant hiring me.  I was literally about to take off in a hurry to make it down for the event, so I'm glad she reached me in time.

Missing out on a work opportunity sucks (especially just getting off a slow winter...), and I really don't like not following through with plans that I've made (especially with the Peru trip now postponed!!!).  I was excited to see my friends and participate in the Sugar Showdown ladies jump jam with my teammates Joh & Lauren.  I decided to at least not rush myself, with no solid plans down there.  I just stayed home for a day and worked on our garden, trails, and of course my podcasts.  I should have 3 new ones by Sea Otter!!!

On Friday I checked to see if my last chance blast of blog posts, emails, and social media could help Kat fill the class... but alas no, she still didn't need me.  So I made the choice to stay up here in the foothills and check out the Auburn Bike Festival, that I was becoming sad about missing.  I'm excited to spend tomorrow with Auburn Bike Co, checking in with Mr. Leech, hopefully meeting a newer coach in the area, Paige, and finally figuring out what the hold up is with the long awaited Auburn Bike Park.  I've embed the event post below for you, and I hope to see all you Auburn folk and foothills people there!!

Auburn Bike Festival & Swap
Join the Auburn Bike Park committee for this FREE community event to bring together bicycle-lovers and show support for the Auburn Bike Park. This “teaser” for the Bike Park will feature a pump track for kids. The Skate Park at Overlook will also be open for riding. The bike festival will feature professional trials mountain bike rider Ryan Leech. There will also be tons of fun and activities for the entire family including:
• Bike Swap – Contact Christy a 530.852.2117 for info about the Bike Swap
• Kids Pump Track
• Coaching Clinic
• Bounce House
• Auburn Alehouse Brews
We will also be raffling a FIT ARF 1. Raffle tickets are only $1.00 and available in advance at Auburn bike shops or on the day of the event.
Auburn Bike Park Festival
Overlook Park
Sunday, April 6, 2014
11:00 – 3:00
Rain or Shine – Admission is Free – All Ages Welcome

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Yoga, Knowledge, Tea & Skills: 6-Week Co-ed MTB Training Program

Photo Credit: Chris Demere
Learn to fly through the forest like a Jedi, with only you as the motor!  This immersion course will catch you up on all things mountain bike and have you on the trails and meeting others to ride within just 6 weeks.  Begin each day with a yoga practice created with the mountain biker and your weekly lessons in mind.  Acquire valuable knowledge over delicious Guayaki Yerba Mate and then on to your bike for an intensive skills session.

Space is limited, 6 rider maximum

Coached by:
Lindsay Beth Currier, IMBA ICP Level 3 Coach

Each week:
1 hour of yoga
1 hour of bike knowledge over a great cup of tea
2 hours of on-bike skills training

Saturdays, 9am – 1pm April 19th – May 24th

Auburn Bike Co. 13122 Lincoln Way, Auburn, CA 95603

FREE Auburn Community
MTB Ride leaving at 2pm!

1-Hour MTB Skills Sessions - Auburn, CA

Mountain bike skills coaching can make your trail experiences safer and more enjoyable!

a henna-haired LBC coaching in San Diego
photo: Amy de Leon
Finding an experienced coach and paying the high fees often associated with quality, professional MTB skills training, can often make this opportunity inaccessible. Here is the solution you have been waiting for! 1 hour skills sessions with a professional, certified coach, for as little as $20 right in Auburn, CA!

4 PM - Kids (Grades 6 - 12)
5 PM - Adults

Coached by:

What will you learn?

We will spend our hour addressing questions and concerns that students specifically bring to class, but expect to learn:
- body position & balance
- shifting & braking
- cornering
- maneuvering over obstacles (roots, rocks, logs, and small drops)
- pumping, jumping and more (when the track is finished)

Classes are held on dirt at Auburn Bike Company, located at 13122 Lincoln Way, in Auburn, CA in the orchard behind the shop.


What should you bring?
Your bike, in proper working order. Because our class is so short, we wont have time to go through your bike. Please bring your bike to the shop ahead of time for a tune-up, safety and/or fit check. Don't have a bike? ABC offers many affordable used bikes & great new bikes!
A helmet. Knee pads and gloves are also highly recommended.
A parent or guardian if you are under 18.

Auburn Community MTB Ride
Saturdays, 2pm, meet Lindsay and other fun riders at the shop for a free, no-drop mountain bike ride in the canyon!