Downieville updates and a ruptured spleen

So this past week was busy with Destination Downieville prep, and something crazy happened... My spleen ruptured. Here is a Downieville Trails update plus spleen story...

Enjoying the home trails and what's in my pack...

I started using Strava again. (You can find my feed in the left side bar) My biggest challenge with Strava was keeping my phone charged, but with recent sunny days and my GoalZero Nomad I can charge my iphone, my GoPro AND my headlamp batteries all at once. Pretty cool right? BTW I've had this GoalZero for over 2 years. Pretty durable hey? Oh and I've lived without power for... A long time now.

A lot of peeps also ask me what I keep in my pack. It is usually full to the brim for coaching and guiding. Here are a few favorites... My little Strava phone pouch, brochure (always dreaming), Guayaki energy shots, YeloVelo chain lube, and College Cyclery patch kit.  I keep this all secured with lots of fresh water in my Dakine Nomad pack. Also pictured is my new Kali Avita Enduro specific helmet, Smith Optics Pivlock sunglasses, Dakine gloves, and a well loved pair of Five Ten Freeriders (my Crank Bros pedals are currently broken and my seatpost is too short to really sit and spin right now...)

Yoga at Ironworks Fitness

I am honored to announce that I am again teaching yoga at Ironworks Fitness in Georgetown, CA.  We have a brand new building for yoga & spin (grand opening May 3rd), and I will be joined by many more local yoga and fitness teachers.

$5 members / $10 non-members

I have used yoga for over a decade to heal and restore my body and mind. After breaking my back in 2008, yoga became my medicine of choice. I began integrating yoga practice with my mountain bike coaching in 2012, and I love to inspire others to take a stretch towards a happier, calmer state of life.  I have practiced with many teachers, but have a major fondness to the encouragement and support offered by Rita Leon, of Bikes Yoga & You and look up to Ryan Leech for his persistence, practice and patience... with yoga and mountain biking.

1-Hour MTB Skills Sessions - Auburn, CA

Mountain bike skills coaching can make your trail experiences safer and more enjoyable!

a henna-haired LBC coaching in San Diego
photo: Amy de Leon
Finding an experienced coach and paying the high fees often associated with quality, professional MTB skills training, can often make this opportunity inaccessible. Here is the solution you have been waiting for! 1 hour skills sessions with a professional, certified coach, for as little as $20 right on the edge of the Auburn Canyon.

6 rider max each class
you must RSVP Tales from the Trails - April 29th, 2014

Today at its warm and sunny and it should be getting even WARMER!  That means dry trail conditions and lots of trail users. On this show I get into estimating trail conditions, proper tire pressure, trail courtesy, mountain biking opportunities on the Tahoe Rim Trail and in the American River Conservancy area, plus a lot more. Read on for access to the podcast and links to all the info...

Shine Ladie's Trip: Destination Downieville - May 30th - June 1st

This trip is limited to 8 participants
3 Days, 2 Nights
Only $599

Spend 3 days honing your skills, exploring new trails, and relaxing in the beautiful Tahoe National Forest on this all-inclusive women's mountain bike retreat. Destination Downieville will surly kick your riding to the next level, and teach you secrets to make mountain biking more fun, fulfilling, and EXCITING! The trip features classic and less ridden amazing trails in the Sierra Buttes, and is a great option for practicing for the Downieville Classic. Bonus: Fox Racing suspension clinic & Sierra Buttes Annual Membership included!

This trip will raise funds to help certify Joh Rathbun as an IMBA ICP MTB Coach!

Only 4 spots remain, register today.